3.0       Description of Site Reports

For each of the fifty MESIC sites, as well as the Meadowlands-wide category, a site report is presented that contains general site information including: site category; location; current land use; location; size; current ownership (where applicable); and a brief site description. The site reports contain site-specific citations and abstracts of documents cataloged or collected during the data investigation. The citations and abstracts are listed under the appropriate data categories for each of the sites.

The format for the citations is as follows:

#. Author(s). Report Title. Report Publisher or Project Owner (if applicable). Date. [Source #] Abstract.

Certain documents (e.g. EIS’s, base studies) have information pertaining to multiple data categories and/or sites. These reports are repeated under the appropriate categories and/or sites and marked with an “*”. In addition, many citations within the Meadowlands-wide site report are also relevant to the other sites in terms of general baseline information. Each of the fifty sites’ site reports reference the Meadowlands-wide Survey, Maps, and GIS data category as containing relevant information.

3.1       Data Sources

The citations contained in the site reports are designated with one of the following numbers to identify the point of contact or the corresponding source for access to a particular document:

[1]   Meadowlands Environmental Research Institute (MERI) Library

Contact:  Tammy Marshall

Meadowlands Environmental Research Institute

1 DeKorte Park Plaza

Lyndhurst, NJ 07071

(201) 460-2808

[1a]   MERI/NJMC Staff

Contact:  Tammy Marshall

Meadowlands Environmental Research Institute

1 DeKorte Park Plaza

Lyndhurst, NJ 07071

(201) 460-2808

[2]     USACE – NYD regulatory files: 1992 – present

Contact:  James H. Cannon

USACE – New York District, Western Permits Section

26 Federal Plaza, 19th Floor

New York, NY 10278

(212) 264-0185

 [2a]  USACE – NYD Project Management Plan

Contact:  Bryce Wisemiller

USACE – New York District, Project Management Division

26 Federal Plaza, 21st Floor

New York, NY 10278

(212) 264-5797

[3]     EnCap Golf Holdings, LLC

Contact:  Jeffrey W. Cappola

DeCotiis, Fitzpatrick, Cole & Wisler, LLP

Glenpointe Centre West

500 Frank W. Burr Boulevard

Teaneck, NJ 07666

(201) 907-5234

[4]     USFWS

Contact:  John Staples

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service – New Jersey Field Office

Ecological Services, Region 5

Pleasantville, NJ 08232

(609) 646-9310

[5]     Rutgers University

Contact:  Jean Marie Hartman

Rutgers University, Department of Landscape Architecture

93 Lipman Drive, Blake Hall

New Brunswick, NJ 08901

(732) 932-6785

[6]     The Louis Berger Group, Inc.

Contact:  Mark Renna

The Louis Berger Group, Inc.

100 Halsted Street

East Orange, NJ 07018

(973) 678-1960 ext. 485

3.2       Site Reports

Following are the site reports for the fifty MESIC sites, as well as Meadowlands-wide.