A listing of the acronyms and abbreviated names used in the MESIC report is provided below.

Acronym Title
As Arsenic
BCUA Bergen County Utilities Authority
Be Beryllium
BITM Background Investigation Technical Memorandum
BOD Biological Oxygen Demand
Cd Cadmium
CERCLA Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act
COD Chemical Oxygen Demand
Cr Chromium
Cs Cesium
Cu Copper
DO Dissolved Oxygen
EIS Environmental Impact Statement
ERA Environmental Risk Assessment
ERDC Engineer Research and Development Center (formerly know as the Waterways Experiment Station)
ERS Ecosystem Restoration Study
ESA Environmental Site Assessment
FEMA Federal Emergency Management Agency
GIS Geographic Information System
HCIA Hudson County Improvement Authority
HEP Habitat Evaluation Procedure
Hg Mercury
HMD Hackensack Meadowlands District
HMDC Hackensack Meadowlands Development Commission (now New Jersey Meadowlands Commission)
HRE Hudson-Raritan Estuary
JD Jurisdictional Determination
Meadowlands Hudson-Raritan Estuary – Hackensack Meadowlands, New Jersey
Meadowlands FS Meadowlands Feasibility Study
MERI Meadowlands Environmental Research Institute
MESIC Meadowlands Environmental Site Information Compilation
MIMAC Meadowlands Interagency Mitigation Advisory Committee
MM methyl mercury
MRI Marsh Resources Inc.
MSLA Municipal Sanitary Landfill Authority
N Nitrogen
N/A Not applicable
NAD27 North Atlantic Datum 1927
NAVD88 North American Vertical Datum 1988
NEC Northeast Corridor
Ni Nickel
NJDEP New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection
NJMC New Jersey Meadowlands Commission
NJSEA New Jersey Sports Exposition Authority
NPDES National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System
NPL National Priorities List
NRCS Natural Resources Conservation Service
NWI National Wetlands Inventory
OMWM Open Marsh Water Management
P Phosphorus
Pb Lead
PEHIS Preliminary Environmental and Health Impact Statement
PMP Project Management Plan
ppm Parts Per Million
PSEG Public Service Electric Gas Company
SAMP Special Area Management Plan
TOC Total Oxygen Concentration
TSS Total Suspended Solids
USACE United States Army Corps of Engineers
USACE-NYD U.S. Army Corps of Engineers – New York District
USEPA U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
US FDA U.S. Food and Drug Administration
USFWS U.S. Fish And Wildlife Service
USGS U.S. Geological Survey
WET Wetland Evaluation Technique
Zn Zinc