Research and Publications 2009


Published Works:

Artigas, Francisco, Elefante, Dom, Marti, Alex (2009). Geographic Information Sharing: A Regional Approach in Northern New Jersey, USA. Information Polity, 14 (1-2). Abstract

Reichmuth, Jessica M., Roudez, Ross, Glover, Terry, Weis, Judith S. (March 2009). Differences in Prey Capture Behavior in Populations of Blue Crab (Callinectes sapidus Rathbun) from Contaminated and Clean Estuaries in New Jersey. Estuaries and Coasts, 32 (2), 298–308. MDOC 2009-002 Abstract

Santiago Bass, C., Weis, Judith S. (March 2009). Conspicuous Behaviour of Fundulus Heteroclitus Associated With High Digenean Metacercariae Gill Abundances. Journal of Fish Biology, 74 (4), 763–772. Abstract



Benzecry, Alice, Bentivegna, Carolyn S., McClary, Marion (2009) Capping of Contaminated Sediments in Kearny Marsh: Final Report. MDOC 2009-011 Report

Gao, Yuan (2009). Characterization of Atmospheric Nitrogen Oxides Over the Meadowlands. MDOC 2009-003 Report

Gao, Yuan (2009). Result of Targeted Trace Metals. MDOC 2009-015 Report

Holzapfel, Claus, Kirby, Edward, Wu, TingMin, Francois, John, Pechmann, Ildiko (2009). Clonal Diversity and Resistance to Invasion in Remnant Salt Marsh Patches Dominated by Spartina patens. Presentation

Qi, Feng, Artigas, Francisco (2009). Interactive and Animated Visualization of Highway Air Pollution. MDOC 2009-010 Report

Weis, J. S. (2009). Trophic Transfer of Contaminants and Mechanisms of Behavioral Effects on Juvenile Bluefish, Pomatomus saltatrix from the Hackensack River. MDOC 2009-004 Report

Yergeau, Steven (2009). Kearny Marsh Hydrology Study. Presentation


Conference Presentations:

Artigas, F., Agnoli, N. (March 2, 2009). Spatially Explicit Flood Warning System for the Meadowlands District of New Jersey. Coastal GeoTools 2009. Kingston Plantation, Myrtle Beach, SC. Proceedings Conference Paper

Artigas, F., Chun S., Sookhu, Y. (2009) Real‐time Ocean Surge Warning System, Meadowlands District of New Jersey. Proceedings of the 10th International Conference on Digital Government Research : pp 216-222.  Abstract

Artigas, F., (October 7, 2009). Enhancement and Management of Wildlife Habitats in an Urban Environment. 2009 Watchable Wildlife Conference. Avalon/Cape May, NJ. Program

Artigas, F. (November 5, 2009). Air Quality at Increasing Distances from a High Traffic Highway in New Jersey. 2009 National Ambient Air Monitoring Conference. Nashville, TN. Presentation

Benzecry, Alice, McClary, Jr., Marion, Marion, Bentivegna, Carolyn S. (November 19 – 23, 2009). Effectiveness of a Novel Sediment Capping Technology, Aquablok, as a Biological Barrier Between Contaminated Sediments and Biota. SETAC North America 30th Annual Meeting. New Orleans, LA. Abstract

Mielnicki, Ronald P., Agnoli, Nicholas, Ruggeri, Joseph, Housten, James R., Elefante, Dom (November 18, 2009). League Session: Lowering Flood Insurance Premiums in your Municipality. Teamwork: A Bridge to Brighter Horizons, New Jersey State League of Municipalities 94th Annual Conference. Atlantic City, NJ.

Qi, Feng (March 22-27, 2009). Visualizing Highway Air Pollution: Design and Assessment of a Visualization Tool to Support Public Communication and Geographic Knowledge Discovery. Annual Meeting of the Association of American Geographers. Las Vegas, NV. Abstract

Qi, Feng, Artigas, Francisco (November 17, 2009). Interactive and Animated Visualization of Highway Air Pollution. 24th International Cartographic Conference. Santiago, Chile.