Lab Usage Policy

The MERI lab, located in Lyndhurst, is part of Rutgers University-Newark. The usage of the MERI lab and equipment must be arranged on an individual basis, subject to other constraints and demands on the lab.

In all cases, potential users of the lab must attend Rutgers laboratory safety training and demonstrate competence to the satisfaction of MERI lab personnel before work begins. Informal training on specific instruments is available from MERI analytical chemists. Training will be arranged on a case-by-case basis. All users must sign into the log book before beginning to work on the instrument and also must verify cleanliness of the instrument before and after running their own samples. Users should notify MERI personnel if there is any condition that prevents use of the instrument or endangers the life and safety of those present in the lab.

Furthermore, to facilitate scheduling, a person wanting to use the lab must submit a Work Request Form addressing the following:

  • objective of the project
  • type of work, including a method citation
  • number and type of samples
  • personnel involved, including technicians, students and PIs
  • space, equipment and supplies to be used
  • timing and duration of use.

This plan should be submitted to Chief Chemist, Cheryl Yao (phone: 201-460-4604, fax: 201-840-0630, email:

After the work is finished, a Request for Laboratory Analysis should be submitted to MERI detailing the number and types of samples analyzed, analytes, methods and equipment used, start and end dates of analysis, number of hours spent on analyses, significant problems encountered, lessons learned, unexpected results, etc. (If the work is part of a MERI-funded project, then this information can be included in the final report to MERI)

The lab should be acknowledged in any publications resulting from the work.

If you would like more information about the lab facilities, please contact Cheryl Yao. Thanks for your cooperation.