Establishing Electronic Data Flows to EPA’s Exchange Network


Project Lead: Ildiko Pechmann

Status: September, 2020


The proximity to New York City and north New Jersey metropolitan areas (18.6 Million people within 50 miles) consistently demands environmental information for permitting and preservation activities. The goal is to address continuous water and air quality, as well as facility registry service priority systems.


To promote environmental data flows to EPA from a highly impaired urban estuary with a long legacy of pollution and a persistent pressure to both develop and protect open space.


  • Use EPA’s current continuous water monitoring exchange framework (WaterML 2.0 and SensorML formats) to share continuous water quality data and its associated metadata via our local cloud based server.
  • Propose encoding and associated services to share continuous air quality sensor data based on the same procedures and framework established for continuous water quality data.
  • Configure data flows and test the XML schema for sharing discrete seasonal water quality data through EPA’s Virtual Exchange Services to upload discrete seasonal water quality data to EPA’s WQX system.
  • Configure data flows and test existing XML schema to upload Facility Registry data and location via the Virtual Exchange Services to EPA’s Facility Registry Service.


  • Software code to capture and format low latency continuous water quality data flows.
  • Encoded outputs of continues air monitoring data.
  • Computer code to filter outliers and faulty data from continuous data.
  • Workflow and code to extract discreet seasonal water quality parameters from MERI’s water quality databases
  • Workflow and code to extract coordinates from building footprint centroid and their associated RTK attribute data.