Abstract: The EPA will be hosting a webinar on an air toxics study conducted at the New Jersey Meadowlands.  Below is the announcement released by the EPA.

New Jersey Meadowlands Turnpike Study

This study was specifically designed to identify ambient air quality gradients of particulate matter (PM2.5), total suspended particles (TSP) and associated 16 PAHs/10 trace metals at three different distances (50m, 100m and 150m) from the New Jersey Turnpike (NJTPK), one of the busiest highways in the USA. Concentrations of ten trace metals in PM2.5 showed gradients as a function of distance. In addition to spatial variation, these ambient air pollutants were investigated for their seasonal/diurnal variations with meteorological parameters, and traffic counts. The profiling of these air toxics will not only help characterize the degree and extent of the current air pollution problem near high traffic highways and the risks to the local communities, but also establish a baseline for future reference.


Presentation materials will be available the week of the presentation at

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