Integrating GIS into a Permit Workflow


Since the inception of the CityView application in 2000, the IT department has been maintaining the application and finding new ways to improve the workflow of its users. Planners, engineers & reviewers can use the application to track permitting applications, building inspections, violations and fees associated with the Meadowlands District’s municipalities. The system leverages all of this data and makes it easily accessible to make timely decisions. The NJMC processes roughly 900 applicants per year varying from a simple alteration, drainage review, transportation, subdivision or even a warehouse sale. The system is robust and will continue to support the NJMC and its operation. The GIS component is integral to the functionality of CityView, as it looks at current mapping services – available from SDE and ArcGIS Server – to help organize the massive amount of parcel data associated with the NJMC’s filing system.