Research and Publications 2013


Published Works:

Reid, Mathew C.; Tripathee, Rajan; Schäfer, Karina V.R.; Jaffè, Peter R. (2013). Tidal Marsh Methane Dynamics: Difference in Seasonal Lags in Emissions Driven by Storage in Vegetated vs. Unvegetated Sediments. Journal of Geophysical Research: Biogeosciences 118(4):1802-1813 Abstract

Reid, Mathew C. and Jaffè, Peter R. (2013). A Push-Pull Test To Measure Root Uptake of Volatile Chemicals in Wetland Soils. Environmental Science & Technology 47:3190-3198 Abstract

Bishlawi, Hagar E., Shin, Jin Y., Jaffe, Peter R. (July 2013). Trace metal dynamics in the sediments of a constructed and natural urban tidal marsh: The role of iron, sulfide, and organic complexation. Ecological Engineering, 58, 133-141. Abstract

Shin, Jin Y., Artigas, Francisco, Hobble, Christine, Lee, Yung-Seop (March 2013). Assessment of anthropogenic influences on surface water quality in urban estuary, northern New Jersey: multivariate approach. Environmental Monitoring and Assessment, 185 (3), 2777-2794 Abstract


Conference Presentations:

Elefante, Dom, Stephanie Bosits (December 20, 2013). Emergency Response Information System (ERIS) and Water Level Alert. Hudson County Quarterly Municipal OEM Coordinators Meeting – Hudson County Emergency Operations Center, Kearny, NJ

Artigas, Francisco, Chun, Soon Ae (June 17-20, 2013). Visual Analytics for Open Government Data. International Conference on Digital Government Research, Université Laval, Quebec City, Quebec, Canada  Link to pdf

Chun, Soon Ae, Artigas, Francisco (June 17-20, 2013). Tide Gate Sensor Network as a Forensic Tool: Establishing Facts during Superstorm Sandy. International Conference on Digital Government Research, Université Laval, Quebec City, Quebec, Canada Link to pdf

Bosits, Stephanie; Artigas,Francisco (April 25, 2013). Real-Time Based Superstorm Sandy Surge and Inundation Model for Moonachie, Carlstadt, and Little Ferry: Bergen County, New Jersey(Poster Presentation).Abstract

Elefante, Dom; Kojak, Sal; Osborn, Adam (April 25, 2013). Mapping Earthen Berms in the Meadowlands(Poster Presentation).Abstract

Chun, Soon Ae, Artigas, Francisco (March 8, 2013). A Sensor-Based Tide Gate Monitoring System for Flood Warnings and Forensics (Poster Presentation). Superstorm Sandy Forum, College of Staten Island, Staten Island NY