Monitoring of Air Toxic Particulate Pollutants from Heavily Trafficked New Jersey Turnpike: An Urban Community-Wide Project

Participants: MERI, Rutgers University Newark

One of the major sources of particular matters in New Jersey is the traffic related vehicle emission. This study is specifically designed to measure ambient concentration gradients of PM2.5, the size distribution of particulate matter and associated PAHs and selected toxic trace metals that have their source mainly from NJTPK (New Jersey Turnpike, which is the one of the busiest highway in USA) vehicle emissions.

The long term (1 year) and short term (1 week each for summer and winter) sampling will be implemented to investigate spatial/temporal variations of particle concentrations using Hi-vol. sampler (TE-PNY1123, Tisch Environmental, Inc.) and PM2.5 sampler (Partisol-FRM Model 2000, Thermo Electron Corporation).

The project will not only provide the level of motor vehicle derived air pollutants at a heavily trafficked NJTPK that might represent worst-case exposure for people living or working in a similar location but also establish a baseline to model and project air pollution from the NJTPK into the future

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