Abstract: The Hackensack Meadowlands region is an ideal setting for monitoring atmospheric air conditions. The preserved wetlands are surrounded by Routes 3 and 46 to the North and South, and Route 7 and Interstate 95 on the West and East. Since these wetlands are preserved, we know atmospheric pollutants must be caused by the automobiles which travel these highways. By measuring pertinent air quality variables in this region, we can evaluate the environmental impact of pollutants through statistical analysis. Currently, times series methods have been employed to model certain pollutants (such as NOx and Ozone) for the purpose of conducting a valid analysis of factors such as Rush hour vs not and Weekday vs Weekend. Future research will investigate how some of the important meteorological variables (e.g., sunlight, temperature, and wind speed) impact the observed pollutant levels. Ultimately, we would like to develop a reliable prediction model which could be used in real-time for monitoring pollutants in the Hackensack Meadowlands region.