Terry Doss receives Bergen County’s Audubon Society’s Harold Feinberg Conservation Award

Our own Terry Doss, Co-Director and Chief Restoration Scientist Meadowlands Research and Restoration Institute (MRRI),¬† has been awarded the the Bergen County Audubon Society’s Harold Feinberg Conservation Award.¬† ¬†Feinberg, a longtime BCAS member, field trip chairman, mentor, and enthusiastic supporter of BCAS endeavors,always gave freely of his expertise with a combination of patience and knowledge that few possess. In her role, Terry helps to oversee the unique and fragile habitat and wildlife in the New Jersey Meadowlands .Her eagerness to venture out into the field to study the dynamics of marsh life is endless. She is always seeking to improve native habitats through restoration projects that can include introducing beneficial plants, managing invasive populations, and building suitable nesting habitats for different bird species.

Congratulations Terry!