Municipal Map

MERI Municipal Map v3.0

The Municipal map provides Meadowlands District municipalities with access to maps and records on properties and infrastructure for managing municipal assets, view existing conditions and planning for improvements. This map also integrates the Emergency Response Application System (ERIS), where users with access to critical data, such as information on chemical substances (Right-To-Know), and significantly, identify critical infrastructure for pre-planning and size-up for emergency management & response. Additional layers include boat launches, mile-markers, flooding scenarios due to tidal surge, census, and much more.  This version of Municipal Map (ver 3.0) allows the user to view the maps on Android / Apple products (iPhones & iPads), displaying existing conditions around the Meadowlands District & its member towns. New features allow user interaction with a simple click and menu-driven tabs to view information about geographic features. Users can access ERIS (NJSEA’s emergency response information system) that drills down to greater detail about buildings within the NJSEA. Try it out, and if you need training or more information about this application, please contact the GIS Department.

ArcGIS Online Portal


This mapping resource page is a cloud-based content management center that displays various maps that the NJSEA’s Geographical Information Systems department manages for the use of its constituent municipal members, various divisions within the Commission, other agencies (County or State), and as well as the public. This site provides access to geographic-centered data, such as open space, wetlands, redevelopment areas, transportation, and other layers that MERI-GIS maintains.

NJSEA Historical Imagery Viewer


The collection of historical  images spans from the 1930’s to present imagery available from ESRI. Some are black/white that are high resolution scans of historical NJSEA aerials (1958, 1978, 1985, 1992, 2002 and 2009). Others are from State and County (NJDEP, OGIS, Hudson County) and are also in black/white or color. We will make imagery available as they come, so please visit this application for updates. Use of this application is as simple as to compare changes in landscape over time, code enforcement or to just identify what the current conditions are for a property.


MERI Utilties Map

The DPW Dashboard allows viewing information on catchbasins, manholes, stormwater lines and outfalls. Using the online Dashboard users can view location, orientation and existing conditions nearby DPW infrastructure. Operators in the field can upload reports and photos on the fly. It is a helpful tool to report back to DEP which requires a detailed inventories of stormwater features or for internal DPW record keeping. Piloting the application is the Borough of East Rutherford. Municipalities wishing to use the system can access via their existing ERIS account and if you need further assistance, please contact the GIS Department.

Tide Gate Network


This map provides an overview of the existing tidegates in the Meadowlands District. Some of the tidegates equipped with sensors so users can see upstream and downstream water elevation at that tidegate. For more details on tidegates that are monitoring water levels on both sides of the structure upstream/ downstream, visit



The bare earth digital elevation model (DEM) represents the earth’s surface with all vegetation and human-made structures removed. It is derived from NIR LiDAR data using TIN processing of the ground point returns. Some elevation values have been interpolated across areas in the ground model where there is no elevation data (i.e. over water, under dense vegetation). The horizontal datum for this dataset is NAD83 (2011), the vertical datum is NAVD88, and the data is projected in New Jersey State Plane. Units are in US Survey Feet. Quantum Spatial collected the LiDAR data for the District between 04/10/14 to 04/11/14. Vertical accuracy of the LiDAR is 9.25 cm.



All mapping applications work best with Google Chrome.


NJMC / MERI GIS verified the digital data to the best of its ability. However, NJMC / MERI GIS makes no representations of any kind as to its complete accuracy, nor does it guarantee the complete accuracy of any digital data furnished.