Version 2

MERI Municipal Map v2.0

The Municipal map provides Meadowlands District municipalities with access to maps and records on properties and infrastructure for managing municipal assets, view existing conditions and planning for improvements. This map also integrates the Emergency Response Application System (ERIS), where users with access to critical data, such as information on chemical substances (Right-To-Know), and significantly, identify critical infrastructure for pre-planning and size-up for emergency management & response. Additional layers include boat launches, mile-markers, flooding scenarios due to tidal surge, census, and much more.

Version 3

MERI Municipal Map v3.0

This version of Municipal Map (ver 3.0) allows the user to view the maps on Android/ Apple products (iPhones & iPads), displaying existing conditions around the Meadowlands District & its member towns. New features allow user interaction with a simple click and menu-driven tabs to view information about geographic features. Users can access ERIS (NJMC’s emergency response information system) that drills down to greater detail about buildings within the NJMC. Try it out, and if you need training or more information about this application, please contact the GIS Department.

All mapping applications work best with Google Chrome.


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